Bernie Lee

Quartexx Basketball is run by Bernie Lee who is widely recognized as one of the top agents in the NBA. Bernie has been working in basketball representation for the last 16 years. As an NBPA certified agent, Bernie has experience in all levels of basketball. Based in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Bernie prides himself on the relationships he has built with clients, coaches and front office personnel around the globe.

Kirsten Simmons

Kirsten Simmons is an NBPA-certified agent who graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Sport and Entertainment Management.  She has spent the last several years working for basketball agencies supporting players all over the globe.  Also based in Toronto, Canada, Kirsten enjoys getting to know the players and their families so she can address their needs and help them focus on being the best player they can be.

Quartexx Basketball

Quartexx Basektball has a reputation for providing full and complete support. We are committed to supporting and guiding clients throughout their career and providing some of the best service in the industry.